DO it yourself puffy paint wine glasses

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I love this project because it reminds me of my college days. During college, I was obsessed with puffy paints. I would puffy paint anything and everything I could get my hands on. I think one day I even puffy painted paper plates, because I had nothing else to paint.  These champagne glasses are the perfect addition to your bar cart or accessory for drinks with your girls. Any DIY that takes mere minutes to complete, and looks super festive in your home, is a DIY that I can get behind.  Especially when only two supplies are needed.

1.       Puffy paints in various colors (Joann, Michaels, etc)

2.       Glasses of your choosing/ whatever you have (I got mine from Amazon- World Market has great options, too!)

puffy paint projects, DIY

Pick a color scheme and a pattern scheme. OR just wing it. I like to create a concentrated pattern towards the bottom and gradually have the dots become more sparse as you climb up the glass. I originally made an all gold one, and immediately hated it. The colorful ones turned out much better in my opinion. Play around with colors and how concentrated the dots are. Place small dots all around the bottom part of your glass (definitely easier to start at the bottom) and as you create dots going up to the rim, you can make the dots bigger if you like the look of that.


Can you drink out of these glasses? Can you wash them? I do.

You can drink out of them on special occasions, but I wouldn’t everyday. Continuous hand washing will compromise the integrity of your design. I also usually leave a bit of space at the top (without paint) for drinking out of too.


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