There are some seriously gripping TV shows that are on right now (or aired in recent months). If you haven't seen them yet, grab your partner or a friend, a bottle of red wine, some kettle corn and settle in for some major marathon-ing. The best thing about these selections is that they are, for the most part, gender neutral. These are shows Paul and I watched together and BOTH loved equally, which is rare. When you're prone to shows like Crazy Ex-girlfriend and Sex and the City, it's not all that easy to get your male counterpart on board. Not with these.

This is us

Start watching this. Five minutes into episode 1, you'll be in tears. Almost guaranteed. Paul hasn't seen this one yet, because we were living in separate cities when it aired this Fall, but I fully intend to introduce it to him ASAP. Of the list, this may be the least gender-neutral show I've suggested, however, it's still amazing. The story of this diverse, complicated family is woven beautifully. This show will give you all the feels.

The Man in the High Castle

Paul introduced me to this show early this year. Initially, I was super hesitant about watching it because of the obviously disturbing plot line (if the United States lost WWII--gives me chills just thinking about it) but I'm so glad I did. I started watching four episodes in and just jumped in, was hooked, watched the entire season (thank you Amazon prime for posting the entire season at once) and then went back and watched the first four episodes. I don't recommend doing it this way. This show will chill you down to your very core, and disturb you a little too much at certain moments.  From the creepy opening version of Edelweiss (a song I used to love) when you see the new map of the United States post WWII, to seeing the U.S with gas chambers, Nazi's, and executions. Sitting here now, I'm still having flashbacks of disturbing scenes, and they still give me pause. Man in the High Castle is a brilliant invention and paints a dark, disturbing but beautifully crafted picture of what happens and what can happen when evil is in charge. 

The Affair

I have been on a (somewhat unsuccessful) mission to recruit every person I know to watch this show. Mostly so we can discuss every detail, trade theories, and assess the human psyche of the main characters. Do not be dissuaded by the title, although yes, spoiler, it obviously involves an affair. But what comes after the affair is what makes this show so gripping. This is another show I was unwilling to accept the season finale as the end. This show is like a romantic rom-com gone so, so wrong. It's a dark thriller, who done it murder mystery extravaganza all rolled into one. It's on Showtime. Find a way to watch it. I promise you it is worth every single second of your time. Oh and it'll give you romanticized visions of Montauk and make you want to summer there, (I already have plans to go next year).

Stranger things

Yeah, yeah, I know this show is old news. But for those of you that HAVEN'T binge watched it yet (poor souls), you need to get into it now. And if you've already seen it, I recommend you watch it again. There are tons of reviews of this show (all glowing I'm sure) that you can easily find with a quick google search. I'll just say that it's all true, this show is the bomb. It's the perfect marriage of scary characters, creepy moments, eerie circumstances and mysterious disappearances. If you're nervous about the fear factor, watch it during the day. The far fetched-edness of it all will keep you entertained and on your toes waiting to see what happens next. Paul and I both LOVED this show so much, we finished it one weekend day. Then, unwilling to accept its end, I spent time searching "shows exactly like stranger things" and actually came up with some comparable (but not as good) alternatives. Wayward Pines, anyone?


This is the most light-hearted show of the bunch. It's an easy viewing experience on Netflix, and you can watch the entire series in a day (at least I did). This show chronicles the relationships of different couples, featuring a new relationship each episode. Occasionally you see a somewhat distant connection between the various couples. It's cute and enjoyable. Watch it if you need a break from some of these other more intense shows.

The Night of

The Night of may be old news just like Stranger Things, but it's still on my mind and in my heart. This show will have you second guessing everything you think you may have figured out about the main character. What really happened on that night? That is the question that guides this entire mini-series. Paul and I enjoyed exchanging theories, discussing evidence, and predicting what really happened. This show is creepy, entertaining, and slightly bothersome. It's almost scary to watch the transformation of a clean cut college student into what he becomes. You'll see. Or will you? Because honestly, I still have tons of questions and this show left me wanting more.

The OA

This one is not pictured because it's a last minute addition. Like finished watching it yesterday and knew I needed to add it to this list immediately. Very Stranger Things-esque, but different in so many ways. The OA will have you on the edge of your seat in the most thrilling way. It is puzzling, interesting, confusing, beautiful, twisted and deeply bothersome. We spent many conversations outside of the house discussing theories, and trying to work through what we just saw. The show is downright "transcendent" in some scenes, I actually had to re-watch a few because I was so deeply moved by the beauty of it all. In contrast, I sometimes had to re-watch because I was so deeply bothered by what I saw and needed to watch it again, just to make sure it really happened. I promise you'll understand what I mean after you watch. This show is good and is obviously going to be the next big thing, so you might as well just accept that now and watch it ASAP. Then get back to me with your theories, please.