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These festive ornaments are oh-so- easy and oh-so-fun to make! Inspired by The Sweetest Occasion, these quick DIY ornaments are both perfect for any skill level! There are two different methods that result in two different kinds of ornaments. Both are festive and cute. I'm going to include both tutorials and you can try whichever method appeals to you the most! Both ornaments require very few supplies. Let's get started! 

ornament 1: gold leaf ornaments

gold leaf ornaments diy

For the Gold leaf ornaments, you only need four supplies.  (If you've tried my DIY abstract art tutorial, you will already have the gold leaf, acrylic paint, and adhesive spray needed). You also need clear ornaments

To make these ornaments, pour acrylic paint inside the clear ornament. swirl it around to coat the entire inside. I had a hard time with thick acrylic paint not swishing well. To combat this, I added a tiny amount of water to the inside to help with spreading the paint around. Once opaque, attach gold leaf to the outside using spray adhesive. I like the crumple and press method of attaching gold leaf so that's what I did. There are definitely more intentional ways to place the gold leaf that might turn out a little prettier. I personally like the messy look when it comes to gold leaf, so I was cool with it.

DIY holiday ornament
DIY holiday ornaments
DIY gold leaf ornaments
DIY abstract holiday ornaments

ornament 2: melted crayon ornaments

DIY melted crayon ornaments

All you need for this ornament are crayons, clear ornaments, a peeler and a blow dryer.

Make crayon shavings using a peeler or grater. Pour the shavings inside the clear ornament and use the heat of a blow dryer while turning the ornament around, to create a design with the shavings as they melt. You have to do the turning step semi-quickly because the shavings melt QUICKLY and start sticking to the sides. You could easily get stuck with a design you don't want, so keep it moving and keep moving the shavings around while drying. Be careful not to burn yourself! The glass ornament gets hot and the heat from the dryer is hot as well.

DIY melted crayon ornaments
DIY melted crayon ornament

Ta-da! Now you have a few easy and festive ornaments for your tree! Happy Holidays! Leave me feedback in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts!