holiday gift wrapping

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Gift wrapping is one of those things that you either love and look forward to or detest and dread it. Paul is one of those that falls into the latter. He once told me that he used to spend hours and hours wrapping presents, only for them to look messy and thrown together. He revealed this to me after I wrapped Christmas presents for him last year in about 10 minutes flat. For those of you that aren't adept at wrapping presents or adding the perfect touch to complete the packaging, here are some simple tips for you.

1. Always have at least two elements. Whether its wrapping paper and a bow, or wrapping paper and twine, etc. You need the second element to help the wrapping look complete. Three elements are acceptable too, but use your discretion because too many toppings piled on can make your wrapping look insane.

2. Use wrapping paper in a limited color scheme. The bright, busy papers tend to look more juvenille than a pretty, plain white paper with green trees or gold feathers. Simple brown packing with twine is always a winner. Just try to keep in mind that less is more, and aim for simple and chic when it comes to additions.

3. Add an unexpected final touch like a piece of greenery or a feather. It adds a touch of class and uniqueness.

Use these three tips next time you're caught in a gift wrapping dilemma, and get ready to wow friends and family with your creativity and spot on gift wrapping skills! What are your best gift wrapping tips?