I first fell in love with agate coasters after seeing them at West Elm and other high end stores. After being unwilling to shell out the 100 bucks needed to purchase the coasters, I realized I should try the DIY route. I like to use this strategy for pretty much everything. If I can't find an affordable option for something that I'm lusting after, I get creative and learn how to do-it-myself.

This is legitimately the easiest DIY you will ever attempt. I promise you that. And they come out GORGEOUS, too! I love this project.


You only need two things.

1. Agate slabs in the shape of coasters (I got mine from Amazon), just be aware of the inches (at least 3.5 inches you want) and as circular as possible! You can ask them to send circular ones since you're using them for coasters, that's what I did.

2. Permanent Marker paint pen in gold, I used this one.


1. Paint the outside edges of the agate slabs with your gold pen. Embrace imperfections and if you color outside the lines a little, no big deal!! You can also use this to do the painting. I started out with this liquid gold leaf and then realized I could achieve the same results with a gold leaf pen. The liquid leaf was taking longer and it was making it too easy to mess up. The pen is much easier, quicker and more fool-proof. Just go all around the edges of the coaster and try to avoid getting gold on the flat sides.

2. Make yourself a nice cocktail and rest it on your new coaster!

What are your thoughts on DIY-ing your own set of agate coasters? Are you willing to try it?