Portland, Maine coast- gorgeous place! Maine guide coming soon. Long distance dating is not easy, Stay tuned to find out what has changed and how I feel about long distance dating currently.

I wrote these thoughts months ago about the possibility of soon being in a long distance relationship. I've now been in one for a few months. Stay tuned  for part II to find out what has changed/ how I currently feel about long distance dating.

After initial fear and wariness about the prospect of a long distance relationship, I'm starting to warm up to the idea. I think I'm prepared for how much we will miss each other. This looming sadness I feel about being apart in the near future, is starting to lessen, and I'm feeling hopeful. 

After reading this beautiful, sweet article about one woman's experience, I'm coming around to the idea that some aspects of long distance dating may actually deepen our connection. She talked about how every visit is fresh, focused relationship building time. And the longing while apart only makes moments together sweeter. How she feels empowered in her relationship, and how much stronger their connection has grown. Their love is stronger than ever.

I'm interested to see how our perspectives may change. Don't get me wrong. I love (and usually insist upon) spending (nearly) every free moment together. However, I think that because we spend so much time together now, we can sometimes take each other for granted. Although it's obviously great that we can be around each other whenever we want, the idea that distance might actually increase the emotional intimacy between us, is thrilling.

I'm looking forward to every moment together, and imagining how each moment will feel so exhilarating, sweet and special. Face-to-face time will be rare and sporadic, and hopefully we will revere that time for what it is. I'm as prepared as I can be.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? any thoughts/advice/comments?? Leave them below!! I'd love to hear your experiences.