I love this little DIY so much, and think it turned out pretty well. It is relatively easy to create, the most difficult part of this project is patience! Believe me, patience is important otherwise your tray will FALL APART the second you pick it up. You must, must, must leave it for at least a day (or two) to dry. The glue is strong, but not unless you let it cure for a few days. I had to redo the attachment process two times, so just be sure to let it dry once everything is perfectly attached, and do not attempt to lift the tray by the handles (they are decorative mostly). Another great thing is how few supplies you need to actually create this. You don't have to spend a lot of money upfront to make this DIY, I think I spent about 20-30 dollars total. If you have old drawer pulls that you can paint, or already have a strong glue or a tile, you can spend even less. So let's get to it!



1. I used contact cement (the second time) to attach the tiles to each other and the handles to the base. This worked best. 

2. Tiles, or a marble slab, or an acrylic slab, whatever you want to use. I used two tiles from Home Depot that were in a pattern I liked. Because they weren't exactly the shape or size I was hoping for, I glued them together with the contact cement. Your project will definitely go easier if you can find a single tile or slab in your ideal shape. 

3. Handles for the tray. I used shiny drawer pulls from Home Depot. Any type of pull will work, it just depends on the aesthetic you're going for. I'm obsessed with gold so that's obviously what I wanted for the accent handles, but the store did not have any gold pulls that would work. I bought silver ones and spray painted them gold. Drawer pulls actually take spray paint VERY well, I was super pleased with this part of it!


How to create this tray:

1. Start by painting your drawer pull handles gold, if you need to.

2. Attach the tiles to each other using the contact cement and let dry for a day or two. Mine is solidly attached, but I let it sit for a few days before attempting to move it. The first time I attached everything I did not let it dry long enough because I was super eager and impatient. Don't make this same mistake. If you have one slab that is the proper dimensions, you can skip this step. 

3. Use the contact cement to attach the gold (or whatever color you choose) drawer pulls to the slab. Let these dry for 1-2 days and even after that, do not attempt to lift the tray by the handles. I can almost guarantee something bad will happen to your pretty tray if you try to lift by the handles.

4. Style your new Vanity tray and leave it in your bathroom or dresser. Perfume storage would be a great use, as well as a place to gather and display various beauty accessories. I currently have bathroom candles on mine.


That's all there is to it!


Try this project and let me know how it goes!! It requires almost zero skill, which is why I love it!! And it looks really pretty once styled in your bathroom.