DIY-Anthropologie-bobby pins

I love all Anthropologie bobby pins so much. However, I have NEVER been able to bring myself to pay the high price tag on them. I admire them frequently, whenever I'm in the store, but can never commit. But I want them. And as I've mentioned before, when in doubt about being able to afford something that I want, I try to create it at home for less.

DIY-Anthropologie-bobby pins

These bobby pins are so cute and stylish, and all the supplies can easily be found at your local craft store. These are also super easy to make, which makes it super worth it, in my book, to DIY these instead of buy them. Obviously they're not the same, but they are unique and affordable so I'll take it. 

DIY-Anthropologie-bobby pins

What you need:

bobby pins (gold)

various buttons or beads

hot glue gun

DIY-Anthropologie-bobby pins

How to make these:

The hardest part of this process is finding the beads or buttons you love. I spent probably about 45 minutes searching the craft store and ended up picking a variety of supplies. I bought a variety-pack of buttons and then bought some smaller strands of beads. Because I had a very specific aesthetic in mind and needed to find the right beads to achieve it, I bought a variety. Once you've got your beads picked out, the project is basically finished. 

Warm up your hot glue gun first. Then attach the bead/button to your bobby pin using hot glue. Let them set overnight before attempting to wear. I also recommend only wearing one at a time since they are sort of costumey, they should be treated as a statement accessory. Also, make sure your bobby pins are the sturdiest, thickest ones you can find.

DIY-Anthropologie-bobby pins

That's all there is to it!

What do you think? How did yours come out? Tell me what questions you have!