Valentine's Day is coming up quick, isn't it?! Love it or hate it, it comes around every year. And although it may be over-hyped, it is still a great reason to celebrate, eat chocolate/wine/candy, and love each other, right? Why not just embrace it? Might as well really make the day special with these fun date ideas. The ideas range from free to cheap to luxurious so there is something for everyone and every budget! 

1. start the day off right with breakfast in bed

This is like the ultimate luxury to me because a) Paul doesn't really cook for me, unless we're cooking together and b) we aren't allowed to eat in the bed. SO, if you really want to start the day off right and make your partner feel super pampered, why not cook up some yummy pancakes or omelettes for your love and serve it to them in bed? Easy, quick and essentially free, it's sets the mood for a day-of-fun.

2. Go Ice Skating

We recently went ice skating and it was intense. I guess I just thought that ice-skating would be like bike riding. Meaning, the skill would just return when you got back on the ice. Unfortunately, it did not work like that. I spent most of the time holding onto the side rail and the rest of the time on my butt. It was still fun despite not being a highly skilled Figure Skater. We always feel so good after doing something unique and new, and I totally recommend trying ice skating out. It's the perfect date activity, especially in the winter when cabin fever is at its peak.

3. overnight getaway 

Since Valentine's Day falls during the middle of the week, making an actual weekend out of the holiday is difficult. Go somewhere overnight the weekend before or after. Or go stay in town at a boutique hotel for a fun staycation. I love ANY reason to celebrate or take a weekend trip! Hallmark Holiday or not.

4. cozy wine bar

Spend a few hours at a new wine bar that you've never been to. Get a bottle of Red Wine and just dive in and talk all night. Make up some fun questions to ask each other and make a game of it. The wine will get the creative juices flowing, trust me.

5. game night with another couple

Invite your favorite couple over and make it a party. Pass out booze and snacks or apps. My favorite games for couple's nights are Scattegories and Taboo. Anything competitive will work though. My favorite combo is girls vs. boys, but couple vs. couple is a classic good time.

6. cook a meal together

Lately, we've been doing this a LOT. It's super fun to do on pretty much any night. We each have different strengths in the kitchen (Paul is great at cooking the meat and knows all the "rules" or whatever and I'm the creative mastermind a.ka. good at finding yummy Pinterest recipes and tasting). Our meals typically turn out bomb and we always have a lot of fun making new entrees and even desserts together.

7. couples massage

I've been wanting to get a couples massage for a few years now. Finally, after a long wait, we had the opportunity to get one in Punta Cana, and it was SO much fun. Paul has never had a massage before and it was so thrilling getting to experience it together! It also didn't hurt that we were on a tropical island, but, ya know...It's relaxing, mood boosting and luxurious, feelings I always want on Valentine's Day.


I hope you have the best "holiday" with people you love. A LOT of these can be done with girlfriends too if you're more into a Galentine's Day vibe this year :) How are you celebrating this year??