champagne cocktails, french 75 with pineapple

I love champagne. In any form, in any drink. Give me a champagne cocktail, I'm happy. They are usually what I order when I go to bars, on special occasions, even what I drink at home. My all time favorite classic champagne cocktail is a French 75.

French 75's were invented in early WWI years at a bar in Paris called Harry's Bar (fun fact- I've lived in Paris but never made it to Harry's). The classic ingredients are champagne, lemon juice, vodka/gin/cognac and simple syrup! I make mine without simple syrup (don't need the excess sugar and they taste amazing without). These ones are the classic ingredients of champagne, lemon juice and gin but with a dash of pineapple juice to replace the simple syrup (guess we're still getting that excess sugar...). These Pineapple French 75's are so delicious, not too sweet and enjoyable until the last drop! Added bonus, you will feel super fancy and classy drinking these at home,

french 75 champagne cocktail with pineapple

 I like to drink these out of coupe glasses. I know the originals are champagne flutes, but, I don't care.  For this cocktail, start with a base of champagne, about 2oz, add about 1oz Gin/Vodka/Cognac and a squeeze of Lemon (don't bother measuring), top with a dash of Pineapple Juice and enjoy!

pineapple french 75's
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What are your favorite classic cocktails? Do you love French 75's? Let me know what you think of this one in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts.