Quick and Easy DIY Abstract Art with Gold Leaf, my absolute fave!!

DIY abstract art

A few months ago, I went crazy with a DIY abstract art obsession. I wanted to paint anything and everything in sight, and I happened to have a few white canvases laying around.  The problem was, I didn't have any gold leaf on hand and the abstract piece I was dreaming of creating required the prettiness of gold leaf to bring everything together. At the time, I only had gold spray paint and thought I could substitute it in my vision. The results were underwhelming at best. I lost interest in creating pretty art after the disappointing painting and put it aside.

Today, feeling re-exhilirated after seeing a video of a girl freely gold leafing a wall outdoors, I decided this project needed to become a part of my life again. I went to the store and bought gold leaf sheets (I've previously used flakes, and the pen- I love them all but sheets are definitely easier than flakes) and got to work. To re-create this, all you need are foam brushes and acrylic paints in a variety of colors, as well as canvas. You also need spray adhesive for the gold leaf.

This is a finished version of easy DIY abstract art with gold leaf. This problem can be completed in as quickly as 5 minutes depending on how much you want to paint.


how to create the art

This piece of art could not be any easier. To create it, all you do is paint horizontal stripes randomly all over a white canvas with various colors. You can even leave white space if you want. I used this method various times with different colors each time. To pick my colors, I just chose colors that I thought were pretty and would look nice next to each other. Pastels were my theme in one, and whatever colors I didn't use in the first painting, were my theme in the second. The different paintings/color combinations all came out pretty. Because I did not want to spend too much time deciding what colors would blend well, I avoided blending the colors together.  After painting stripes on the canvas, in varying thickness, use spray adhesive in random splotches over the paint. Being the impatient DIY-er that I am, I barely waited for the paint to dry. After spraying the adhesive, crinkle the gold leaf up in a ball in your hand, then open it back up and place the gold leaf facing down in splotches over the adhesive. If you don't crinkle, I found that the gold leaf would come out in a square shape on the art, and look REALLY weird. Keep in mind you're going for a crinkly sort of whimsical, random look with the gold leaf. Continue crinkling the gold leaf all over the canvas in random patterns.

That's all there is to it!  

Get creative and have fun with it, I think your art will likely turn out very pretty no matter what you do (gold leaf is the best)!

Try this project out and let me know how it goes in the comments below! And let me know if you have questions, too! I'd love to hear feedback and if there are any projects you guys want to see!

Fun and Easy DIY art is a fun way to spend an afternoon!
You can make multiple in an afternoon! This project is so easy and the paintings come out so pretty
Easy, pretty DIY! My kind of project