DIY iphone case


One thing I'm loving this season is cheerful, summery, fruit prints! I can't get enough! My lemon print shirt is my absolute favorite top right now, and I've been loving pineapple prints on everything! Cards, cases, clothes, posters, prints, even playing get it...I was so excited when the opportunity to partner with Caseapp came along and I get to combine all my favorite things- Iphone cases (i love them, I'm obsessed, I used to collect them and switch it up almost weekly) fun retro prints, and crafting! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not an artist in any way so if I can create something pretty without actually have drawing/painting abilities, it's a total win!


I used various prints from the craft store to design my phone cases. In good lighting, I then took a high resolution image (using my DSLR) of the prints and edited the pictures to look exactly how I wanted the print on my cases to look. I love how the prints turned out! Very vintage and summery, exactly what I was hoping for. In addition to using prints you love, there are so many other options for creating your design! You could use an original painting, picture, drawing, or anything else that you've created and want to turn into a phone case. When brainstorming for this project, I had so many ideas floating around in my head! The ideas for what I would turn into my case were diverse- from a watercolor creation, to an old DIY abstract painting that I've posted about here, to some of my favorite photos from my phone, the world is truly your oyster. Designing your own phone accessory is an easy, fun way to get really creative. 


Caseapp has really cute designs already created if you prefer to order one of those, but I wanted to create something myself! If you choose to use an existing image, or take a picture of something, just make sure to use a high resolution image, otherwise the printing (it gives you a warning) may come out subpar. They also have laptop skins on the website (I was a big fan of one of the pretty marble look ones they have) and you can use the same process to create original cases for your laptop.



How cute and summery did these cases come out?! I had such a hard time narrowing down my design choices but I couldn't happier with the cheery pineapple print cases! Have you ever designed your own case? Now is your chance! Get 20% off at Case app using my code "ABALLADOFBRIGHT20"! What are your fun summer plans?! Tell me in the comments!

Thank you to Caseapp for sponsoring this post.