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Are you tired of spending hours on Instagram and not seeing any return on investment? Are you struggling to figure out what you’re missing and why Instagram isn’t helping you grow your business as quickly as you thought it would? The answer could lie in what your presenting to the world right in your profile. On Instagram (and in life), first impressions are everything! Is your profile making the right impression? Is it concise and ready to convert visitors into loyal tribe members?

Join my FREE mini course and figure out exactly how to perfect your Instagram profile for your business, the common mistakes you might be making and how to fix them! Learn what people really want to know when they visit your Instagram page (and make sure you’re telling them that).

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How to start a blog in 3 easy steps!

Starting a blog is a great way to earn extra income, generate a passive income stream, and nurture your creatitivy! It’s fun to connect with people that share your interests and super fun when you can turn a fun hobby into a legit way to make money. Blogging was something that I stumbled upon at a time in my life when I was away from family and friends, and needed something to fill my free time. Over the past few years, blogging has really opened up so many opportunities and new insights into myself- particular figuring out hobbies that I really love. Setting up a blog is the first thing you need to do if you’re set on making money blogging and creating a profitable side hustle. Setting up a blog is a relatively simple process and can be completed in less than a day. Making it beautiful and filling it with valuable content of course takes time, but everyone starts somewhere!

Step 1- Hosting + Domain

The first steps in starting a blog are choosing a web hosting site and purchasing a domain name. Hosting is the process that allows your blog/website/business to be viewed and have a stable home. Hosting is necessary and helpful- it gives your blog a solid foundation and allows your blog to handle various traffic levels. A popular hosting website is Siteground, before ultimately choosing Squarespace (Squarespace hosts the websites, provides the templates, and you can buy your domain through them), I considered Siteground for my hosting. If I were going the WordPress route, it’s who I would use. However, since I chose Squarespace, they make it easy to do everything right on their website. I also purchased my domain through Squarespace but there are tons of websites that allow you to do this such as Google, Bluehost, and GoDaddy.

Set up your webhost now.

Step 2- Blogging Platform

You need to choose a platform to blog on. WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Spacecraft. The website I personally use and love is Squarespace. Their customer service and tutorials are AMAZING, they make it really simple to set up a beautiful, functional website. Frequently, I have written to them with a dilemma and they will respond with a detailed video walk through tutorial of how to fulfill your request. IT’S THE BEST! For someone who is NOT tech saavy, this aspect has been a godsend. I highly reccomend this site. They have so many beautiful, professional designs to choose from to create your blog. If ease of use and beauty are important to you, Squarespace is it. The templates have their limitations, of course. In contrast, if having endless functionality and limitless options is your priority, you might consider a platform like WordPress instead. Wordpress will likely be more of a time investment up front but will reward you with endless customization potential. I know there are some bloggers out there that would say Wordpress is the only way to go- but in my experience, starting a blog is TIME CONSUMING and you have so many things to learn. All of this learning takes time and if you’re eager to create a beautiful website quickly and want to get creating content rather than learn coding, Squarespace is a great way to do that.

Step 3- Create Foundational Content Posts

Start your blog! Create at least 10 “foundational” blog posts to help drive traffic to your site. These blog posts should be timeless or “evergreen,” and chock full of keywards and valuable content. These posts also should be lengthy, at least 300 words. Choosing a niche is a great idea, otherwise your blog can lack focus and targeted traffic. Let your creativity flow and write. Your blog will improve and become more refined and focused over time. In the beginning, it’s best to first focus on creating valuable content and then your focus can move to driving traffic to your site and finally on making your blog profitable.

While these are simplified steps, the process of starting a blog is actually very quick and easy. Creating amazing content, learning photography, learning SEO, marketing your posts, growing your audience, etc all take time and lots of learning. I really do think you have to be a lover of learning new things to be successful at blogging. If' you’re committed to blogging though, you’ll enjoy learning all the different aspects that go into creating and growing a blog from scratch and eventually will be able to reach your blogging goals, whatever they may be!