I've been working hard to make our screened in porch into a livable outdoor space this summer. The patio floor was a disaster before I started this makeover, you can see before pics in this post here, but now it has been cleaned, prepped and painted a pretty beige/grey paint color from Valspar. I painted the floors and it was a huge improvement, but I really felt it needed a bigger pop. The neutral color was too neutral for me, it just didn't look polished or finished to me. I absolutely love the look of cement tile, but they are insanely expensive (thousands) to purchase/install and I am just not willing to spend that kind of money on this project! Not wanting to give up the look of tiles, I decided a floor stencil would be a fun alternative to add some design to the porch without breaking the bank. The fun thing about this stencil is that I actually created the stencil from scratch, so this turned out to be an incredibly budget friendly upgrade. The stencil cost me about 25 dollars to make (vs about 45 dollars to have a stencil made of the same size or 80 dollars for a production size larger stencil with repeating patterns). The chalk paint and stencil were under 20 dollars at the craft store. The project is mainly an investment of time. The stenciling took me about 4 hours over two days, and it was a PITA honestly. But, the floor came out exactly like I imagined and I'm obsessed! It really brighten up our patio and adds a bit of character and fun. What do you think??

DIY floor stencil 1.jpg
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-3
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-4
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-5
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-6
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-7
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-8
balladofbright-DIY floor stencil-8