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DIY easy soy candles that smell like christmas

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'Tis the season for festive decor and cozy evenings cuddled up around the fire (or TV watching Netflix). Either way, I love creating a warm and inviting space in my home, and I cannot get enough of delicious smelling candles burning in my bedroom/living room. I typically burn them for hours on end, and, while they do create the perfect ambiance, extended candle burning leads to candle purchasing sooner. While I love fancy French candles as much as the next girl, I can't afford to always have Baies or Fig burning in my living room.  These DIY fancy french candles (sort of) are budget friendly and super easy. Seriously, they can be made in under 30 minutes easy.

DIY rustic holiday inspired soy candles

 My solution to this dilemma is to create my own Fig + Sandalwood Soy candles. The smell combinations are inspired by scents I already own, (an added layer of safety to ensure this project comes out smelling lovely).

 I've never made my own candles before (it's about time), so if I can successfully make these, so can you! Turns out, making your own delicious smelling candles is SUPER easy and quick too.

what you need:

1. Soy flakes like these

2. Receptacle for the candles. I used these amber jars.

3. Essential Oils. I used this Sandalwood EO and this Amber as well as a Fig essential oil.

4. Candle wicks. I bought these ones.

5. I wanted the rustic feel to translate all the way down to the labels. So, to create the labels, I bought these Kraft labels.

how to do this:

1.  Measure your soy wax flakes into the jar or container you've chosen, leaving approximately an inch at the top. Do this measuring process twice (or double the amount) to figure out the right amount of total soy flakes, because soy reduces by half as it melts. Once measured,  pour the flakes into a microwaveable plastic container and heat for four minutes (but check periodically).

2. While the soy flakes are melting, prepare your amber glass jars (or whatever you're using) by setting the candle wick in the bottom and using a pencil or clothespin to hold the wick straight up.

DIY Fig and Sandalwood Soy candles that are super easy and fun!

3. Once melted, let the wax cool down a bit (not solidify though) and add the essential oil fragrances. I like my candles to be relatively strong so I added about 60 drops total to the candle. You could defineitely add more than this, my candles didn't come out smelling super strong and I wanted them to be!

4. Pour your candle solution into the jars. Let them set for about a day before you try to use them. Trim the wicks to 1 inch.

That's it! These candles turned out AMAZING and smell so, so good. I can't wait to make more, maybe even pass them out as gifts! Who's ready to try to make their own soy candles at home? How did they turn out? I'd love to hear your feedback!

DIY soy candles