3 Blogging Mistakes That Actually Plummet Profitability

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Making money blogging isn’t always as easy as those Pinterest pins will have you believe. I love seeing titles like “How I made 10,000 dollars my first month of blogging!” While that sounds great, of course, I think a lot of people sign up for blogging thinking that headlines like these will be their results.

So they start a lifestyle blog! They love DIY, travel, fashion—so why not blog about all the different things they’re interested in. So they start blogging and writing about their hobbies. Sounds great, right? …But pretty soon it becomes, “Where’s that 10k I was promised in my first month?”

Womp, womp, womp…

Here’s the thing:

Making money blogging takes energy, time, and targeted content. It takes time to write the blog posts, drive traffic to the post, and rank in google search engines. These steps alone and can take months. Depending on what your monetization strategy is, if you’re hoping to have income from ads, let’s say, it could be many months until your traffic numbers are high enough and consistent enough to earn any real income.

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    It also takes a lot of energy to write the posts, edit the posts, and perfect your headlines. Just writing copy, editing, drafting, finalizing, publishing and optimizing your SEO alone can take days. And that’s for one blog post. And that’s if you’re a fast writer and have the time to spend writing blog posts every single week.

    This process is nottttt quick.

    Successful, profitable blogging also requires very targeted content. Here’s the big secret—-> People that are successful in blogging RIGHT away are typically people that are creating very specific content. They aren’t blogging about their dog, DIY projects and daily outfits.

    I’m not hating on blogging AT ALL but I wish there was more transparency in the blogging world for newbies about creating a profitable blog and what it actually takes to do this.

    So, here are the THREE biggest reasons why your new blog isn’t making any money (yet).

    1. You aren’t niched down enough. You blog about things you’re interested in (beauty, fashion, style) and call yourself a “lifestyle” blogger. While blogging about things you’re passionate about is fun, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be profitable. If you want to make money blogging and that’s your main goal, choosing your niche carefully is essential. You may want to consider increasing your odds of early income and switch to a more profitable niche, like finance, for example.

    2. Your income strategy is not targeted enough and you’re relying on sponsored posts or ads.

      I’m sooo guilty of this myself, you guys. My monetization “strategy” was to try everything and see if anything stuck. My main methods were affiliate links and sponsored posts.

      While I think it is definitely essential to have multiple income streams when you’re hoping to monetize your blog, you need to commit to your choices and realize you can’t really “dabble” in everything. Focus and committment are key.

      Here’s why focus is so important:

      Traditional blog monetization strategies can be time consuming and can take a while to see the paycheck. For example, landing sponsored posts is an extended process (it can take weeks—->months to reach out to brands, pitch, negotiate, create the post, publish post, and get paid) and you need to have some sort of system in place if you hope to earn a full time (or even part time) income through sponsored posts.

      Similarly, affiliate linking involves a lot of manual energy as well (writing the blog posts, linking to products, promoting your post so people buy said products, receiving your income payout). It’s not the most automated initial process—->and automation makes life a lot easier.

      *Personally, I don’t recommend working with brands as your main income plan for your blog if you’re a newbie and you want to make money asap. I think the payout length and turnaround time, as well as requirements (high follower counts, high traffic) to even land the posts in the first place, can easily outweight the benefits and the payout. There are exceptions to this rule of course, if you’re a new fashion blogger and you only post about fashion and style, have professional pictures on all of your posts, and are able to grow your following and traffic quickly, I do think sponsored posts could be the right path for you. If you’re committed to constantly pitching brands (I’m talking 10+ a week, remember: you won’t hear back at all from some), and working with brands is your passion, then by all means, go for it.

    3. You are too focused on being an “influencer” not realizing that this is a time consuming path. Being an “influencer” is great and fun and all, until you’ve grown your following, invested time and money, increased your traffic but still have no real, consistent income to show for it. I encourage you to put your time and energy into creating a profitable biz FIRST, then increasing your influence second. A lot of people do this backwards.

    When I first started blogging, I frequently heard advice like “if you’re not passionate about blogging and your only goal is money, you won’t be successful.” I think that’s a little ridiculous, right? We all need income. Passionate or not, we need to make a living, right? Income and freedom are always the goals. And that’s ok!

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