3 Keto Principles That Helped Me Lose 30bs Before My Wedding

how to lose weight quickly before wedding

As anyone who is planning a wedding probably knows, the amount of stress you feel leading up to your wedding day is absoslutely INSANE.

No matter how much you vow to be a “chill” bride, not get stressed out, and “enjoy the process,” of planning a wedding, there is a level of overwhelm that you’ll most definitely feel sooner or later.

Losing weight for my wedding was never something that was even on my radar, until it was 4 months away and I PANICKED. I wanted to look my best, of course, and LOVE looking back at our wedding photos, so I started thinking that slimming down would probably be a good idea.

The only problem was, I waited so long to take any action that now the wedding was rapidly approaching and on top of everything else I had to plan for the wedding, I now had to figure out how to lose 20lbs, on my own, and in a few months. I knew spending hours in the gym was not realistic for me, and neither was crash dieting or restricting calories or anything like that. I love food! I’ve embraced clean eating in the past and had results with that, but I wanted something my husband would do with me. He was not into measuring out portions in little cups (what had worked for me somewhat before). He had tried to sell me on Keto before and I was NOT feeling it…but I wanted a partner in this so we agreed to meet in the middle.

We would both follow and committ 100% to a paleo based clean eating keto fusion and see what happened. The results from our nutrition plan BLEW OUR MINDS…These are three things we learned from this nutritional plan that we created based on Keto principles

My Before and After Results:

  1. Sugar is in EVERYTHING and you need to start paying close attention to that if you want to lose weight quickly. Start reading labels and keep your sugar, sugar substitute, etc intake as close to zero as possible

  2. Diet changes alone can help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight quickly, don’t eat whatever you want and then spend all of your time at the gym. It’s a super backwards way to lose weight and not necessary if you’re on a time crunch. Change your diet.

  3. The longer you’re committed to following a Keto(ish) plan, the more routine and easier it will become. A few weeks into it, I honestly didn’t even think about pizza, bread, things I couldnt have. I was focused on creating delicious, low carb meals for us and getting creative about what we COULD eat (which is plenty). I’m never hungry on Keto and even before my wedding when following this to the most extreme, I did not go hungry a single day. Like I said, I love to eat! and refuse to follow anything too extreme or difficult to follow. I like my “diets” easy and simple to follow.

If you’re ready to lose 30lb like I did (in basically 3 months) and you’re on a little bit of a time crunch, grab my quick Keto-ish cheatsheet for 10 Foods You Need to Learn to Love to Slim Down Quickly before your wedding! Or let’s chat about working together and I can walk you through the process of slimming down quickly before your own wedding and hold your hand through the entire process!

Grab My Wedding Weight Loss Cheatsheet

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