Is Beautycounter a good fit for your business? + Why I joined and your beauty CHEATSHEET

Should I join Beautycounter, How to Sell Beautycounter

I remember what I thought the first time I heard about Beautycounter. I completely brushed it off—-Clean skincare products? Safer beauty? Who needs that?! I told myself I didn’t care about safe skincare and beauty products and would stick with my toxic M.A.C faves that I know work well. As a stubborn, self appointed makeup guru, I held the belief that “clean” or “safe” beauty products would simply not measure up.

One of my passionate nutritionist/nurse friends consistently brought up Beautycounter products to me and I continually brushed her off for OVER A YEAR (sorry, Caroline)!

So anyway, fast forward a year to when I started to take a deeper look at what I was using and really ponder the tidbits of knowledge I’d gathered from her over the year. She once asked me, “What if I told you that there are likely heavy metals in your lipstick?!” I was like “Meh, don’t really care.” Out of sight, out of mind, I thought.

But here’s the thing…I’ve NEVER been able to put that thought out of my mind. I contantly think about it. In fact, I can’t bear to use my favorite M.A.C. lipstick colors anymore because I can’t bear to think what’s in them. I don’t want to be ingesting harmful shiz! Who does?! What on earth am I doing eating organic if I’m putting toxic chemicals on my skin (the largest organ in our bodies!)

Soooo, she got me. And then I became obsessed with switching out my empties with new safer options. I started testing Beuatycounter products myself and I have to say, I’m in LOVE. I’m genuinely impressed. I’ve tried hundreds of products over the years and I’m a super fan of everything I’ve tried from Beautycounter so far. Their lipsticks are SUPER pigmented. I guess I expected lackluster performance but NO WAY. And after weeks of deliberation…months?! I did it you guys, I took the leap and joined. I definitely feel like the products DO sell themselves and are easy and fun to endorse.

Don’t get me wrong though, guys. It was only after long periods of GRILLING my friend that I decided to join. I had questions like:

How do I sell without being spammy?

I refuse to cold email everyone about products and promotions, how can I sell authentically?

What’s the best way to sell Beautycounter?

Do these products even work?! <——huge one for me. If I’m not using them I’m definitely not selling ‘em

How much time do you spend each week on your Beautycounter business?

Although I do have a social media following, are they going to be interested in this? I don’t want to spam my followers.

I have my own online business. Is joining Beautycounter going to be worth it?

Instead of “selling,” I like to think of it as a great way to talk about something I love and support, serve my audience, support a mission and create another income stream that allows me to work from anywhere—-that’s the ultimate goal, right?! Freedom and flexibility?!

I know there are bloggers, nutritionists and freedom driven girl bosses that love clean beauty and skincare and are thinking about adding Beautycounter to their business, I want to help you with the decision and offer some sharing tips.

HERE ARE A FEW WAYS I SHARE ABOUT BEAUTYCOUNTER PRODUCTS: I prefer sharing and serving over “selling.” I’m helping my gals out with great product recommendations, just like I do with my friends.

  • I’ll do the occasional Instagram story about my makeup routine (or skincare products I’m loving)—-or mention in a post a product I’m loving. I love the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer. It’s my new go to moisturizer.

  • I’ll send periodic emails and updates to my email list about products I’m using and my makeup routines with them. In my experience, I’ve found Beautycounter products to perform EQUALLY or better than the toxic makeup brands I’ve used for years like M.A.C, MUFE, etc and super impressed with the beautylooks I’ve been able to create. I’m a lipstick gal through and through and I’m SUPER impressed with Beautycounter’s pigmented lipstick collection.

  • Sometimes I’ll send free product samples to my list or the first few people that respond to my Insta stories!! Giving away free products to sample is a great introduction to the products and many people will become customers after trying out their products (like I said, they’re SO good).

And that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now.


  • Randomly text people that I’m not in touch with anymore or spam people on social media

  • I don’t stress about recruiting people (if they come to me, amazing, let’s do it!!)

  • Obsess over numbers or sales each month (there are no monthly minimums, BTW)

  • I DO share products I love with my audience and products that aren’t my faves —->For example, while I do love the cleansing balm, when I was using it every night to wash my face, I did start to break out a little. Since then, I’ve switched to using it just a few times a week and using an acne control wash in between. No further issues!


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    I’m a holistic remedy loving, essential oil using, clean eating advocate with a multi-facted online business. While these aren’t the main focus of my business (I focus on my online courses) these are aspects that help make up my brand. Sharing and serving my audience with safer skincae products make sense for who I am and what I love.

    Plus, if it’ll help grow your business and your ability to work from anywhere, sign me up. Am I right?!

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    For me, it’s because I love these high performing beauty and skincare products and THEY WORK—-I’m talking DEPARTMENT store quality products. I’m an avid makeup lover (and always will be) but I do feel like Beautycounter has helped me embrace a more natural makeup look (with still the full coverage that I love) in a way that I can feel good about. I feel really good putting these products on my skin. Who wants harmful chemicals to be absorbed through your skin? There is no beauty product or makeup look that’s worth that. Their mission (education first) and advocating for law changes that regulate our beauty industry is another important reason why I joined. We should not be exposed to harmful chemicals because of lack of regulation, right?! Plus, they have an intense screening process to ensure their products meet the safer beauty standards. I’m super into that.

    What is the biggest reason that I choose to become a consultant? Honestly? I like the products and use them, therefore I can recommend them. I never even considered joining until I bought a boatload of products to test on myself first. I gotta make sure what I’m endorsing is legit, right?! I enjoy sharing things I love with you guys!

    I’ve always been a makeup lover but I’m a health conscious gal as well. It’s important for me to have high performing stuff and Beautycounter does that. Who doesn’t love trying and playing with new makeup and skincare products? While making a little bit of cash too, win-win, right?!

    Grab Your Freebie!

    Download these tips and tricks to stretch your safe beauty products further! Plus my favorite products right now (and yes, I consider myself a beauty guru and would love to share my expertise with YOU!)

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