My Fast Full Coverage Beautycounter Makeup Routine

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I’m loving everything I’ve tried from Beautycounter, and I’ve pretty much created an entire makeup routine with the products I have. I’ve completely stopped using my old makeup items (with the exception of a few things) and have been doing a full coverage routine with Beautycounter products.

Here’s are the products I use to do so:

Wash with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar or the Cleansing Balm

Moisturize with the Adaptive Countermatch Lotion

Mix moisturizer with two drops of a facial oil, I bought the limited edition trio during the winter sale, but I like the Balancing Oil.

Once that all soaks in, I use the Elf Blurring Brush to buff and stipple in my foundation—-> I use the Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation in Golden and it matches really well. One of my biggest barriers to switching to a new foundation is the color match factor so I was concerned that Beautycounter wouldn’t have an appropriate match. The Tint Skin Foundation matches surprisingly well!

I don’t set it with powder or anything simply because I haven’t purchased a powder from them yet—but definitely recommend doing so. This foundation works well and is buildable, but I feel that it needs something to help set it. I will be purchasing this powder next for sure!

I’m still using my tarte concealer (womp, womp…) because I love it and it’s new-ish (and as a blossoming minimalist, I can’t waste a full product) but I’m excited to try this concealer, I’ve heard it compared to Touche Eclat Estee Lauder concealer.

I’m a blush LOVER, I thnk it changes your entire face (in the best way) and think without blush, faces tend to look a little washed out. A little color on your cheeks instantly adds a warmth and glow to your face. I use this beautycounter blush in passionfruit which is a peachy color. It’s very pigmented—a super important quality in my blush selection. In the past, I’ve used Nars blush pretty much exlusively. I’ve always been a powder blush gal but would love to try a cream blush like this one at some point in the future (in the Hibiscus color), and love how it doubles as lip color (or even eye color?!)

If I’m doing a more full face makeup look, I’ll use a neutral smoky shadow palette to do a champagne smoky eye with black liner and thickening, volumizing mascara. If I’m in a rush or just not feeling it, I’ll just throw on some mascara, skip everything else and call it a day!

Lastly, I use one of these lipsticks. I love them SO much, they are super pigmented and the colors are very pretty on. In my experience, the colors look prettier on you than in the tube! It’s a super fun surprise every time to see what it looks like once I put it on. The colors look a little crazy in the tube, I think in general, they’re a little more muted once you’re wearing them.

And that’s it! That’s my everyday makeup routine with Beautycounter products. My priorities are full coverage with beautiful, glowy skin and Beautycounter delivers on that for sure. I’m excited to try more and build up my collection over time!

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