How To Grow Your Email List Quickly

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Alright, I’m here to drop some quick tips about something that I’ve become OBSESSED with…growing your e-mail list.

Okay, Okay, I know you might be thinking…

"Email lists are boring, I just want to skip this piece of business advice"

I get that. I’ve been there…for YEARS I ignored the fact that everyone that told me I needed to focus on my email list. Boy, do I regret it now.

I absolutely insist that you reconsider and don’t make the same mistake I did. Email lists are POWERFUL components of your biz. If you have a business, blog, or product to sell like coaching packages, beautycounter, or even a physical product, you absolutely MUST have an email list. Even if you don’t have anything to sell (yet), it’s still a great idea to start building your list now…

I heard a (rather harsh) but poignant statement recently about email lists.

“No list, no business.”

Soooo, you get it, right? You understand that you absolutely MUST have an email list if you’re hoping to sell ANYTHING on a consistent basis? Regardless of your Instagram following, twitter audience, or pins on pinterest, your email list still needs to be a top priority. It’s the only way to guarantee you have a direct way to communicate with your people when you’re ready to sell! You completely own it (so it’s not subjected to algorithm changes or anything like that) and you can powerfully tag, segment and group your subscribers into categories (so you can keep track of who clicks your links, who buys what, who is interested in certain topics that you teach about, etc)

Okay, perfect! So we’re all on the same page now ;) You understand just how important an email list if for your business (no matter what it is)!

So let’s get to my top tips for growing your list!

  1. Create an amazing opt-in/freebie/lead magnet. This a super helpful guide/resource/cheatsheet/video, etc that you provide your subscribers in exchange for their email address. This resource should be something easy to digest that provides a quick win. People don’t want to read through pages and pages of text and info to get the benefit, so keep it short and sweet. Popular opt-ins right now are cheatsheets, swipe files, checklists, etc This freebie needs to be aligned with your ultimate product that you’re selling—-so the people that sign up for it, will hopefully become customers of yours in the future. You can set this up on autopilot with your email provider (I personally use and love convertkit). The person will be taken to your landing page or form, enter their email address to get whatever irresistible freebie you created and provide their email in exchange for the freebie! Boom! Your email list is growing! You do have to advertise your freebie somewhere (Instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest) for this process to work. There are endless options of how and where to promote your freebie!

  2. Promote Your Freebie. You have this amazing resource that people are dying to have, right? You need to make people aware that it’s available! In addition to having your freebies ALL over your website (through forms or even landing pages), you can also promote on your social media channels. Instagram stories is my personal favorite and fun way to promote (swipe up makes it easy) but if you don’t have that feature yet, that’s ok! You should always have a link to your freebie in your bio right on your profile. This is so, so essential if you want to grow your email list with social media and capture quick profile visitors. There are paid options to promote as well on various social media channels if you don’t have a huge audience on social media. What will work best for you depends on what you’re selling, your audience size, and what your list building goals are! Make sure to write something enticing in your Instagram bio when you include the (clickable) link. You can also use a service like link tree for this if you have multiple things you’d like to link to on Instagram!

    “Ready to 10x your email list in one week? Download my free guide!”

  3. Create 5 solid freebies and use them over and over again! I was hesistant to start building my email list for soooo long and part of the reason was creating the freebies (which is so absurd considering how much content I was creating for social media, the blog, pinterest, etc) but anyway… start creating today. These don’t have to take very long to create AT ALL (think about how quickly you can create a simple checklist in Canva). Make sure all of your freebies are aligned with your ultimate product but feel free to mix it up and try different things to see what works best!

    I recently created an Instagram cheatsheet and a mini course about how to optimize your Instagram profile. While they were both on similar topics….I spent a lot of time filming videos and creating the content for the mini course…Guess which one worked best?!

    You guessed it! The cheatsheet. My guess is that the mini course felt like too much of a committment for cold traffic to sign up for…whereas the cheatsheet provided a quicker win!

Start implementing these strategies right away and get excited about building your email list! After all, if your goal is to sell, this is an essential step in that process (and making more money is exciting, right?!) Try to think of fun and creative ways to talk about your freebie that gets your audience excited about downloading it!

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