3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

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Sometimes I still can't believe that it's possible to leverage Instagram to actually grow my business!

I'm no longer spending hours on Instagram without seeing any real return on my time and I want the same for you! Instagram allows reach to an unlimited amount of people (for free), can allow you to earn unlimited amounts of money, and can introduce your biz to new people that would not have discovered it otherwise...

Sounds too good to be true, right ?

Well i'm here to tell you that with a little help, this is totally possible for you! It's not complicated, you just need to learn the strategies!  I teach all the strategies inside my signature Instagram course Ignite Your Instagram, but want to get you started NOW on the right path!

Two years ago when I first started my Instagram, I had no real clue about using Instagram to monetize. My monetization strategy was basically to join a bunch of blogger networks and pitch an in idea to various brands. The response turn around time was often weeks on these pitches, and IF I landed the sponsored post, the payout would typically be small. Certainly not enough to quit my day job!

Similarly, my overall Instagram strategy was basically posting a (albeit) beautiful picture, carefully edited with a short caption. Copy and paste a few random hashtags, hit publish and wait for the big bucks, brand deals, raving fans to roll in...

Andddd.... nothing would happen. A few comments and likes, sure but nothing dramatic. I needed massive transformation! A few likes and comments don't allow you to quit your job, afterall.

Engagement, likes, comments were not resulting in anything significant for my biz.

I often wondered what I was missing that wasn't helping me connect the dots on Instagram...

Instagram Cheatsheet: 

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    IF your goal is to use Instagram to grow your business, reach more people, monetize, then your focus should be on the following:

    1. Consistency- consistency in message, aesthetics (your “theme” or editing process), captions, posting frequency (I recommend daily if you’re starting out and looking to grow quickly) are all super important. Speak to your ideal client in every caption and offer value right on your feed. Build trust by educating, inspiring and connecting with your followers in your captions. Storytelling is essential.

    2. Strategy- there are SO many strategies to Instagram and gaining clients FROM Instagram rather than only gaining more followers ON Instagram. It's important to build your business off the platform, get your followers/profile visitors off of Instagram and onto your email list! You want to have systems in place that allow this to occur on autopilot (like sending your followers to your freebies).

    3. Engagement - Make it easy for people to engage with you. Post worthy content. Create longer captions that invite questions, comments and responses. Make it easy and simple for people to respond like a yes or no question.

    If you're a celeb with a million followers, sure, you can post whatever the heck you want whenever. You don't need a strategy, you'll get tons of likes, comments and engagement no matter what!

    However, for the rest of us that aren't Kardashians, we need to be a lot more strategic about our Instagram strategy and post with the intention of growing our brand and business.

    Are you ready to start leveraging your Instagram for real growth in your business? Are you ready to make money while you sleep? Want to learn how to do this? I'll teach you everything you need!

    Start by grabbing my Instagram Cheatsheet here!

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