Course Launching 101: This Is The Powerful Truth About My First Course Launch

How to launch an online course

Are you wondering how to launch an online course? Or maybe you’re still thinking about creating an online course to sell? Or maybe you’re just wondering what the heck is a “launch?!”

I just launched my first one and I’m OBSESSED! I want to launch a hundred more…

Okay, okay…it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. While yes, it is SO exciting, it’s can be one of the most overwhelming processes- there are so many moving parts, things to prepare, automated systems, etc

The information overload, the launch emails, your subscriber list, the livestreams and webinars…ahhh!! There’s SO much to take in, and so much to execute. Once the emails are done, the automation can start to kick in which is super helpful, but honestly, I Still would not call launching a hands off process by any means. Most of my time during the launch was spent promoting the course on social media, re-editing the emails to perfection, and analyzing the actions of my subscribers.

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    Overall, I’m pretty darn pleased with how much I learned during my first launch. I’m proud of my results, but I’m a little disappointed that I did not reach my sales goals (I’m very human, afterall) but all I can do is move forward and tweak, tweak, tweak.

    I plan on doubling up my efforts all around for my re-launch in a few months.

    Here are the top 3 lessons learned during my first launch:

    LESSON 1: Grow your email list BEFORE your launch, not during.

    Here’s the thing, I can look at the patterns of my subscribers and trace their journey through my emails, freebies, live trainings very clearly (which is so fun to do)!

    The subscribers that have been on my list for a few months, have been warmed up nicely. The patterns show exactly what I want to see. Opt-in through my freebie—-download freebie—-get value from emails—-sign up for freebies——attend live trainings—go to sales page—-enroll! Perfect! That’s exactly the path that I want to take my email list friends through.

    However, there’s definitely clear breakdown in the system when I started promoting to subscribers that joined my list DURING the launch. In this case, the path was opt-in—-download freebie—-receive launch emails——go to sales page——click away—-get annoyed by all of the emails.

    *SO, my bigest takeaway is that I would NOT add new subs to my launch sequence until they have been properly warmed up and given ongoing value. I was too eager to launch to as many people as possible—-to do it again, I would slow down my list building efforts (or at least not focus on it) during the launch and try to build up my list to my goals BEFORE the launch begins.

    LESSON 2: Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small they seem.

    Celebrating your wins, even in the moments when you feel a little discouraged (maybe you aren’t reaching your launch goals), is an instant pick me up.

    When I sold my first course during my live training, I ran upstairs to our bedroom and was doing a big ol’ happy dance around the room with my husband.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in “more…more….more,” especially during a launch, and subsequently feel like you aren’t doing enough, aren’t selling enough, and won’t be successful ever again (does anyone else ever spiral like this?! Just me?!)

    These negative feelings are amplified when you start comparing yourself to the “experts” (who tout 10k launches) and feel bad about your results. This comparison trap can make you feel like less of a success (which is SO SILLY because creating an online course, launching it, learning about marketing so that you can sell it, growing your email list—-are accomplishments in themselves! Some people would NEVER even try any of it).

    I’m so guilty of this comparison trap and it’s not something that’s helpful AT ALL during a launch. It’s so important to stay in your own lane and focus on your own results (and then try doubling those results for your next launch)!

    LESSON THREE: Aim your efforts in to making sure people show up for your LIVE training at the start of the launch.

    I advertised my webinar and had a number of signups (they say a small fraction of signups show up) which I found to be true- I had about 14% of signups actually show up to the live training. While I did have a number of people watch the replay later, the live replay converted best into sales for my course.

    I put a lot of effort into promoting the webinar and even reminding people about it (through automated emails), but to do it again, I would make my email reminders MORE powerful and try to get more butts in seats for the live version.

    I did spend about two weeks promoting the live training, I’m not sure if that was enough time or NOT enough time, but since I had the best results with the live training, I would up my efforts all around there. I haven’t quite figured out what exactly I’ll tweak in terms of getting people to show up the live training, but it will be a focus of mine, for sure. I actually might host TWO during my next launch!

    I hope these tips are helpful! Have you ever launched a course (or dreamed of launching a course)? How did your first launch go?!

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