The Ultimate Packing List for a Summer Europe Trip

europe summer packing list

The Ultimate Packing List for Europe in Summer


Gimme allll the Europe summer travels. I will gladly battle the crowds, lines, waits and heat to spend time in this glorious continent during the prime summer months. The beaches of Mallorca? The cafes of Paris? Sign ME UP.

Packing light for Europe in the summer is definitely easier than the cooler months, I’ll give you that. Not as many extra layers are needed, you can throw on a breezy summer dress with sandals and call it a day. I like to pack plenty of floral and fun prints and shorts mainly. I’m not a jeans in the summer kinda gal, but I do always bring at least one pair just in case.

I’ve put together a packing list for Europe in Summer to help you rock your next trip and guide you in your packing light journeys. I brought one carry-on only and it made moving from place to place and traveling around Spain easy and efficient.

Because dresses are light and don’t take up much room, if you’re a dress lover like I am, you can definitely get away with a variey


Here’s my packing list for Europe in Summer:


One pair of jeans


Jean jacket or light jacket


Light sweaters

Breezy dresses:


Travel-sized Umbrella

Crossbody bag

Straw Hat



Universal travel adapter

Portable charger or Phone Battery Case

Kindle People seem to love the Paperwhite. It’s on my list. I love traditional books but love the idea of having any book in the world at my fingertips.

Camera I have a professional level point and shoot for travels and I love it.

SD Card I recently realized that having a fresh memory card for each trip is a game changer and not having to worry about deleting photos or running out of room while traveling is really nice. I hope to always do this from now on.



Bar/Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars last longer and you don’t have to worry about liquids. Zero waste is always ideal, too. I’m currently using Ethique.

Hanging Shower Bag

Turkish Towel  I have this one. It’s super absorbent and packable, perfect for long term travel. Also doubles as a blanket, scart, and beach towel.

Packing cubes Use these and roll your clothes. Makes organization a breeze and you can fit a lot of things into a tiny amount of space. Your clothes will need to be ironed or steamed out of the suitcase though.



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