3 Reasons Why You Need to Create Your First Digital Product

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If your goal is to have a profitable blog, or turn your blog into a full fledged business, digital products are where it’s at.

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    Here’s why if income is your goal with your blog or online business, you NEED to start creating digital products (even if you’re brand new to online biz):

    1. You can share your knowledge with the world (and earn income while you do it!) The options and possibilities really are endless. In creating your product, you’re limited only by your own knowledge (and you can always learn more). Examples of digital products that you could create are e-books, online courses, PDF’s, resources, guidebooks, etc. And the fun thing is, you can sell them over and over again (once they’re created). I personally love online courses (taking them and creating them). They’re awesome to create because of their scaleability and the passive income potential. I love that you can put your heart and soul into creating a valuable online course, market the crap out of it, and sell it over and over again. Eventually you can even sell it on autopilot—->more of that passive income, see?

    2. Passive income and scaleability are key. The goal is to have a product where your time isn’t connected to your income. You could sell 10 e-books overnight and boom! You just made X amount while you were sleeping. Once you have the products created, systems in place to sell them, you can automate the process (pretty much entirely). This is awesome because it frees up your time significantly (so you can spend your time pursuing your passions and doing more of what you love).

    3. The startup costs can be extremely low to get started with digital product creation! To create a PDF or workbook, you could essentially create this in Canva for free. Having low start up costs is great because you can get your feet wet with your product creation, sell and market it, and THEN increase your costs and invest and more helpful tools for your biz once you’ve made some profit. I also love the speed in which you can start making money with digital products—->If you have an email list to sell to (you’re already halfway there) and you could start selling your product as soon as it’s created! This is especially great if QUICK income is your goal.

    Alright, hopefully I’ve convinced you that you should get started on your digital product to sell! Need ideas? Grab my FREE download—> 10 Ideas For Your First Digital Product

    10 Profitable Ideas For Your First Digital Product

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