Must Listen Motivational Podcasts For Solopreneur Girl Bosses

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A few months ago, I went on a total podcast binge. I started subscribing, in a podcast frenzy, to any episodes that seemed insightful or helpful in my business. I felt accomplished and forgot about them almost immediately (been there?!)

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I started to actually started to listen and consume the messages.

I was looking for a HEAPING dose of motivation and a kick in the pants. I was ready for a new direction, a new endeavor, a new plan...and I honestly feel like I found it.

I found this podcast here, and I mean, I'm not joking when I say that I feel like it immediately shifted my mindset.

Now, she talked about just going for it and "doing the thing." Whether starting a podcast, writing the book, booking the tour etc, just going for it. Even if that meant starting with a simple google search, "how to start a podcast."

I almost googled "how to start a podcast" afterwards. Almost. Starting a podcast is not something that's really on my radar but that girl had me AMPED up! Like I COULD start a podcast that day! No problem! Or write a book if I wanted!

I just felt like she was speaking directly to me.

Soooo I actually listened to the episode 2 or 3 times just to make sure the message was ingrained in me (I've actually been a repetetive kinda gal, I watch movies over and over, listen to songs over and over, and now this episode. Repetition is key though, right?!)

But anyway, I really do feel like it changed my path.

Here's the main takeaway message from the episode:

Eat the frog. Do the thing. Do it today, NOT tomorrow. Do what today other's won't so you tomorrow you can do what other's can't.

Now clearly this isn't a brand new message, it's definitely something I've heard before, but it never stuck with me so strongly in the past. I didn't connect to this idea before.

Wanna know what I now do every day? I eat the damn frog. I do the hardest, most annoying thing, whatever I'm dreading the most---I start with it! I get it done, checked off my list, and move on to the next thing.

I've made a LOT of sacrifices recently. I don't really go out other than the occasional dinner with my husband. I don't really watch TV anymore. I don't see friends frequently. My "free time" is actually "more work time."

But that's ok. Because I'm willing to do today what others don't so I can have tomorrow what other's won't.

Alright, Alright, I know what you're thinking, "you got all of that from one podcast episode, Camille?! You're crazy!"

Here's the deal. Obviously that one podcast episode doesn't deserve ALL the credit for the huge shifts and changes I've made, or the opportunities I've embraced (we gotta do the work, right?!) What it did do, though, was light a fire. Exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

Do you ever feel like that? Like things come to you at the exact moment when you need to hear it most? When you're at your wits end and ready to throw in the towel?

I get it, obviously. I think that's the best time to dig deep and find new motivation--maybe it's time to switch gears a little bit and pursue a new direction or opportunity.

I've created a little gift for you! Because I want you to stay motivated and inspired to chase all your girl boss goals--here's a resource of all my favorite motivational podcasts right now!

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