Getting married in 3,6, or 9 months and looking to lose weight before the big day? I can help! I lost 30lbs in the 4 months leading up to my wedding August 2018 and I’m confident ANYONE can do the same!



Are you ready to…

Lose weight without starving yourself? (Trust me, I NEVER would be able to sustain any type of “diet” with principles like that, I love food and love to eat.)

Feel amazing and confident? (I’ve honestly never felt more confident in clothing and my wedding dress.)

Look your best for your wedding day?

Eat when you’re hungry and feel satisfied with an eating plan?

Not constantly have to think about food (because you know exactly what you can eat for weight loss and have a fridge stocked of the right foods)

Embrace a new mindset that actually works?

Lose weight for the FIRST time in your life successfully? (seriously, I’ve tried for years)

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