My weekend in Savannah was one of my favorite weekends I've had since moving to the South. I've been in absolute, head over heels, love with Charleston for a few years now, and Savannah fell by the wayside in my mind. Boy, did I have it wrong. Savannah is gorgeous, perfectly preserved, full of gorgeous tree-lined streets and fun, cutting edge restaurants. Three days in Savannah was all it took for the historical city to become an instant favorite. We only had three days to spend in the dream city, albeit activity PACKED days. With so much on the itinerary, we obviously needed to start each day supercharged, via caffeine. You cannot go wrong with any of these coffee spots, whether you're a caffeine addict like Paul, or, like me, you just love the activity, cozy atmosphere and company of coffee runs.

1. The Coffee Fox


This place had a line out the door all the way to sidewalk. We almost gave up upon walking up and seeing that but we persevered. I'm so pleased we did. The Mexican Mocha that I ordered was spicy, deliciousness in a cup. Their drink menu is creative, extensive and original. Not to mention the vibes inside the shop are super eclectic cool. We also split the Czech pastry that they make fresh daily, made in their sister bakery nearby. So good.

2. The Paris Market-

I think I stopped by this boutique at least once each day. I could not get enough of the chic Parisien atmosphere and bought various candles, matches, scarves and postcards each time we stopped there. On our final morning, I ordered a special White Chocolate and Rasberry Cafe Latte that was out of this world good. Paul ordered an even fancier drink than mine that came with an actual French Press. 


3. The Collins quarter-

While waiting for our table, we walked past the walk up coffee window at The Collins Quarter. As a total last minute decision, we could not resist the cute window and ordered coffees. This was actually my favorite coffee drink that I had in Savannah, I ordered their signature Lavendar Cafe Latte. It did not disappoint.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone been to Savannah and loved it? What coffee shops did you try? My full guide to Savannah is coming soon, as well! Stay tuned :)