When I was living in Columbia, South Carolina, I took every opportunity to make weekend trips to the surrounding cities. I love the road trip options near central South Carolina, and one of my very favorites is Charleston. I always though no city could ever top Charleston, but after visiting Savannah, I had a change of heart. Savannah may be small, but it certainly doesn't feel small. It has a top notch restaurant scene, interesting tours, and friendly people. An extended weekend in Savannah is hardly enough (seriously! Paul was so in love he said he could easily live there) but if it's all you have, here are the top things to experience.

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Stay in the historic district of Savannah


During our weekend trip to Savannah, we stayed downtown right in the heart of the historic district. We were close to all the monuments, tours, and restaurants we wanted to visit. In fact, our hotel was right next to the Olde Pink House, my absolute favorite restaurant in Savannah. Our location was so convenient, that we could walk to nearly everything we did in Savannah.

We found a parking spot (parking downtown is notoriously annoying) and left the car there all weekend. Uber rides are an easy, affordable option for getting around, but we mainly walked unless it was late or we were tired. We stayed here and loved the location, the wine and cheese happy hour, and friendly staff. I found our Inn last minute on Hotel Tonight and it turned out to be the perfect choice for our weekend getaway.


Brunch at Collins Quarter

Collins Quarter was our first activity and the very first meal we had in Savannah. The brunch there was my favorite. I had the Eggs Benedict (which I don't even usually like) and it was amazing! The food was so, so good. Collins Quarter is extremely busy and popular so just expect to wait for a while. It is totally worth the wait! Have a coffee cocktail at the walk-up window outside or stroll the pretty surrounding street while you wait. At the walk up bar window outside, I ordered a Lavendar Mocha and it was one of the best coffee drinks I've ever had!

Explore River Street

River Street is like the Bourbon Street of Savannah. Rowdy, bustling and extremely fun!! It's also very touristy. I'm cool with touristy though. We had so much fun stopping in the various shops, buying some souveneirs and T-shirts (we bought matching ones!) and listening to the plethora of live music. I'm all about the vibes at River Street. Definitely a must visit in Savannah, especially on a short trip! We were only a few blocks away from here so we walked to River Street, drank street beer (you can walk around with open containers in certain parts of the historic district) and just soaked it all up. The whole River Street experience is a bit comical too, just be prepared for it.

Trolley Tour


We did a hop-on, hop-off trolley tour of downtown Savannah. It goes everywhere and was highly entertaining. It's a good way to see the entire historic district, just don't expect to use it as effective transportation. The entire tour is LONG so definitely hop off if you come to an area that you are hoping to explore. We did an Olde Town Trolley Tour and it was great, there are tons of companies available though. We hopped off to stop for Brunch, then hopped back on near River Street to finish up the tour.

A Ghost Tour


Definitely book a ghost tour while you're in town. Savannah is known as the most haunted city in America, for goodness sake! We did the Patrick Burns ghost tour. Paul thought some of the "ghost hunting" equipment was cheesy, but the stories will shake you to your very core (I'm not kidding you guys, I got VERY scared and freaked our during one of the stops on our tour. I almost grabbed Paul and insisted we leave).

I cannot properly exress to you just how CREEPY Savannah's ghosts are. At one of the houses, Patrick told us a story about a man who died in the house, was said to haunt it and watch people from the window. He explained how previous ghost hunters had seen a creepy face staring out the window, at times. During the entire time that we were in front of that house, I kept getting a feeling I was being watched. I could NOT get away from that house quick enough and this was the stop (one of the first ones on the tour!) where I nearly quit the tour. I persevered, and it was awesome and creepy AF. Totally recommend.

Explore Paris Market


I love this boutique/specialty coffee shop fusion. I made multiple trips to the Paris Market while in town. I bought a bag of lavender (because, doesn't that seem Parisian and luxurious), a pretty scarf, and some gorgeous postcards that I intend to frame. The coffee is delicious and interesting. I had a white Chocolate Rasberry drink and Paul had coffee from a French Press. Read more about the Paris Market and other coffee shops to try in Savannah here.

Dinner at Olde Pink House


Enjoy cocktails, appetizers and entrees at this amazing restaurant downtown. This is my favorite restaurant in Savannah and best overall dining experience too. From start to finish, the meal was award-winning. Go down to the basement, (its sort of like a chic, beautiful, dungeon) and have your meal down there, or sit at the bar. This is just one of the coolest, most romantic restaurants I've ever been to. It would also be perfect for drinks with the girls!! They have really unique menu items, too. I recommend skipping Yelp and asking the bartenders for recommendations. Everything our bartender suggested to us was mind-blowingly on point. I am totally obsessed with this place. Loved the Fried Green Tomatoes, BLT salad, and Shrimp and Grits. We even got dessert.


Have you been to Savannah? Do you love it there? What did you do while in Savannah??






My weekend in Savannah was one of my favorite weekends I've had since moving to the South. I've been in absolute, head over heels, love with Charleston for a few years now, and Savannah fell by the wayside in my mind. Boy, did I have it wrong. Savannah is gorgeous, perfectly preserved, full of gorgeous tree-lined streets and fun, cutting edge restaurants. Three days in Savannah was all it took for the historical city to become an instant favorite. We only had three days to spend in the dream city, albeit activity PACKED days. With so much on the itinerary, we obviously needed to start each day supercharged, via caffeine. You cannot go wrong with any of these coffee spots, whether you're a caffeine addict like Paul, or, like me, you just love the activity, cozy atmosphere and company of coffee runs.

1. The Coffee Fox


This place had a line out the door all the way to sidewalk. We almost gave up upon walking up and seeing that but we persevered. I'm so pleased we did. The Mexican Mocha that I ordered was spicy, deliciousness in a cup. Their drink menu is creative, extensive and original. Not to mention the vibes inside the shop are super eclectic cool. We also split the Czech pastry that they make fresh daily, made in their sister bakery nearby. So good.

2. The Paris Market-

I think I stopped by this boutique at least once each day. I could not get enough of the chic Parisien atmosphere and bought various candles, matches, scarves and postcards each time we stopped there. On our final morning, I ordered a special White Chocolate and Rasberry Cafe Latte that was out of this world good. Paul ordered an even fancier drink than mine that came with an actual French Press. 


3. The Collins quarter-

While waiting for our table, we walked past the walk up coffee window at The Collins Quarter. As a total last minute decision, we could not resist the cute window and ordered coffees. This was actually my favorite coffee drink that I had in Savannah, I ordered their signature Lavendar Cafe Latte. It did not disappoint.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone been to Savannah and loved it? What coffee shops did you try? My full guide to Savannah is coming soon, as well! Stay tuned :)