Why I Joined VIPkid

I’ve spent many hours trying out different side hustles and trying to find one that actually pays. Not in an abstract “if you qualify for surveys, you’ll get paid in rewards and prizes” way but in a cash money direct deposit into my bank account way.

I finally found it.

I was searching for something I could do from anywhere, with just my laptop, and would give me the freedom to make my own schedule and travel the world. Traveling the world is lovely and all but you need steady, consistent income. When you’re starting an online busiess or even if you’re a veteran, income from launches, courses, digital products can be inconsistent. I wanted a legit backup plan.

VIPkid is just that.

After being accepted onto the platform, you are basically contracted as an English teacher to Chinese children. The VIPkid platform is a video based, face-to face one- on- one program, and it’s REALLY fun to teach the children. Once you get the hang of things and see how VIPkid wants things done, you are on your way to making cash money. No weird surveys, no wasted time. You are compensated per twenty five minute class taught. You can book as many or as few as you want. You make your own schedule.

I LOVE it so far. It’s fun, straightfoward and it’s so nice to have a legit way to make money from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop, wifi, headphones. That’s basically it- everything else is icing on the cake. The kids are SO cute and SO smart. It’s honestly so enjoyable and if you like kids, teaching and are a native english speaker, you qualify. Easy as that.

Teachers can earn up to twenty two dollars an hour depending on experience and your performance in your demo interview. You can learn more about VIPkid here.

I jumped into VIPkid on a whim after discovering them online and honestly, I am grateful AF to have found this platform. Wanting to work from home to stay home with the kids? Work online so you can travel the world? Just want more freedom in your schedule? Give it a try, you really have nothing to lose and you’ll probably end up loving the freedom, flexibility and consistency of having a job like this that’s totally online.

See you around the classroom.